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The Kansspelautoriteit, or KSA for short, is the Dutch government agency in charge of casinos and other forms of gambling regulation. The group has recently launched a new investigation to detect and eliminate illegal websites. This crackdown comes just a few months before the limitation on internet marketing is lifted, at which point license holders will be permitted to advertise their products to gamblers once again.

The KSA stated that now would be a good time to investigate because the market was just getting started. After the prohibitions are removed, it will be difficult to catch many illegal operators and advertisers; nonetheless, the body plans to catch them before they have even begun operations.

This type of examination is often regular and performed on a sporadic basis to maintain company order. In the most recent operation, 44 websites were targeted, and 26 of those websites were found to have online advertisements. The KSA addressed the great majority of these pages and insisted that the ads be removed in exchange for no further penalty.

However, three of these areas are still under examination, which might have major consequences if they are discovered to be poisoned. It was uncovered that a company licensed by the government of Curacao was selling illegal online gambling services to residents of the Netherlands. The website was fined 600,000 euros in January.

The Remote Gambling Act was passed into law on April 1, 2021, allowing casino operators, game studios, and other gambling-related firms to apply for a permit that would allow them to supply and advertise online gambling products. Any parties who are granted the license will be able to promote their products from October 1st, 2021. Since then, the KSA has received 28 license applications, to issue 35 by the end of October. It is still illegal to provide the service without the necessary authorization.

Kansspelautoriteit is in charge of overseeing both the online and offline gaming sectors in the Netherlands. This burden is entirely on the shoulders of the Netherlands. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wishes to obtain control of the internet gambling sector to better supervise its distribution and growth. Online gambling can be a fun diversion, but it also has some negative consequences, such as addiction, money laundering, and other fraudulent activities. This gaming authority in the Netherlands intends to protect its citizens from situations like these by implementing regulations that any operator providing services in the territory must follow.

Keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary

Even if the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has implemented several efficient protections to ensure that the online gambling industry is properly regulated, it is impossible to detect every unpleasant aspect. As a result, players must exercise caution when using the services to ensure that they come from the desired place. Punters may lack the information or programs required to evaluate the quality of a casino’s inner workings, but some telltale signals can be highly telling on the surface, including the following:

Permission to conduct business

The license given by the Kansspelautoriteit should be investigated first. Without the KSA’s authorisationauthorization, no website may offer or market gambling items to Dutch players. As a result, if you come across one who does not have the permit, you should look into alternative options. This information is usually found near the bottom of the landing page, beside the license number and any other relevant information that may be included.

The approval of independent testers

Although the Kansspelautoriteit is in charge of giving licenses for internet casinos in the Netherlands, other RNG testing businesses operate globally and have equally respectable opinions. These businesses examine and validate random number generators used in gaming applications. There are a number of them, but the most common are TST, eCOGRA, iTech Labs, and GLI. Furthermore, their seals may be found at the very bottom of gaming websites, just next to the KSA licenses.

Promotional opportunities and bonuses

When you claim a casino bonus, you receive additional cash from the casino in the form of your bankroll. This is an excellent way to increase your money. Promotions and incentives such as welcome offers, no deposit bonuses, low deposit bonuses, and reload packages are available on almost every Dutch gaming website.

Selecting the most advantageous incentives does not always imply selecting those with the highest monetary value. Regardless of whether the money and freebies supplied are appropriate, the terms and conditions that are connected deserve the most attention. The finest boons have simple gameplay requirements, a long shelf life, and easy access to games that cater to the player’s preferred gameplay.


In addition to the possibility of financial loss, players face several risks while gambling with real money. To play actual cash games, players must first create accounts on each website they visit and then deposit money into those accounts. Since the right security measures have been deployed, hackers are unable to obtain the personal and banking information required to open accounts. The majority of websites use SSL encryption that is at least 128 bits long to protect their services.

Customer service

When there is an issue with the casino’s services, the customer support team is a useful resource. Furthermore, they might provide players who ask with access to unique benefits. As a result, a gaming establishment’s success or failure is directly proportionate to the attentiveness of its customer service staff. You should figure out how many different ways you can contact the team and how long it takes for each one to respond. The majority of reliable gaming websites contain a detailed frequently asked questions area that tackles frequently asked questions.

Software engineers and developers working together

A gaming club is only as good as the game studios that create the titles listed in its portfolios. Each online gambling software provider has its unique technique for creating sets, and some are more proficient in this field than others. Favor gambling sites that have collaborated with well-known gaming software developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

Game compilation

The most tempting part of casinos is the games, and players may generally choose from hundreds or even thousands of different possibilities on a single online gambling platform. It is much easier to choose the greatest online gaming site if one knows what types of games they want to play ahead of time. When looking for fresh and intriguing games, it is best to choose a casino that has a wide range of options. This will make exploration much easier.

Design of a website

A casino may have a current license from the Kansspelautoriteit and agreements with the most respected software developers, but its poor design may render it unrecommendable. The most profitable gaming facilities are those that are easy to use and migrate from one sector to the next. In this fashion, one can easily move between the games and the other sites. Furthermore, it should be able to adapt to the device being used. The site should keep in mind that the wide-screen design used on personal computers is not appropriate for mobile devices.


Access to online gambling services for Dutch players is expected to reopen within the next few months. This time, the industry will be held more accountable for enforcing regulations that protect players from the hazards involved with illegal gambling.