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Until recently, the game’s premise was thought to have originated in the West, in India. However, because of widespread media coverage, expanding video game popularity, and constantly evolving gameplay experiences, the gaming industry has found its way to India, and in a big manner.¬†

Many people initially saw video games as little more than a pastime or a way to pass the time. According to a KPMG survey, the value of the gaming industry is predicted to rise to 118.8 billion Indian Rupees by 2023, representing a 22.1 percent increase from its current level of 43.8 billion Indian Rupees. 

Another important factor contributing to the growth of the gaming business in India is the availability of a wide range of gaming platforms. The original video games were played on desktops and personal computers, but the medium has now evolved to consoles and mobile devices, with more changes on the way. 47 percent of today’s players use desktop computer configurations and laptops for gaming. Smartphones are also rapidly gaining popularity as gaming platforms, with around 34% of the user base preferring them as their preferred gaming platform.¬†

Given the quick growth of both technology and client demands, it is critical to identify prospective trends that may affect the gaming industry in India. The domain’s expansion can be linked to a variety of factors; nonetheless, the issue remains: which of these factors will be the most influential in the future?¬†

A Market for Millennials 

According to one Nielsen research report, the average age of gamers is around 35 years old. Millennials make up a sizable chunk of the gaming community overall, as evidenced by the fact that 71% of gamers often watch walkthroughs and gameplay on video-sharing social platforms like YouTube. 

Video games are predicted to reach the same level of popularity as movies and theaters by 2021, and they may even have hit their tipping point as a form of entertainment. They will also diversify the products and services they provide, with the most renowned websites, such as, enhancing the quality of the virtual casino experience, while other companies, such as COD or NFS, improve their visual expertise and gaming narratives. 

An Expanded Audience 

The world of video games is growing in popularity, not only among gamers but also among viewers. A growing percentage of persons aged 18 to 25 are interested in seeing other gamers fight in online arenas. This viewership exceeds that of traditional sporting broadcasts, and it is expected to exceed that of active players in the gaming world by 2021. According to studies, the number of gamers is predicted to increase by 9% shortly; however, the audience for these gamers is expected to increase by an incredible 90%. 

The Evolution of 5G and the Rise of Mobile Gaming 

The fifth-generation wireless network (5G) is expected to be operational globally by the end of 2021, including in India. The arrival of 5G will result in tremendous development for both the telecoms industry and the online gaming industry. Because of the impending exponential growth in download and upload speeds on mobile devices, mobile users and online gamers will shift to using mobile devices. 

A major segment of the Indian gaming community is unable to participate in mobile gambling due to the high costs of launching a mobile gaming enterprise. 5G, on the other hand, allows a larger number of gamers to enter the world of online gaming. It will also allow mobile games to compete in terms of quality with games played on consoles and personal computers. 

Cloud-based online gaming 

Both SaaS (software as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) have achieved enormous success around the world. This business model is presently implemented in the gaming industry under the moniker “Gaming as a service,” and it has the potential to completely alter the sector. Many console game companies are considering making the switch to this paradigm shortly. This would allow gamers to play online games without having to worry about the hardware or configuration requirements that are now in place. You will be able to access everything through the cloud as long as your network connection is consistent, whether you are looking for a real online casino in India or a multi-player online gaming experience.¬†

Augmented and Virtual Reality Enhance Reality 

Although AR and VR have made major gains in the gaming business, mainstream adoption of these technologies has yet to occur. The new technology has taken immersive gaming to an altogether new level, enabling rapid advancement as well as the production of a more realistic experience for viewers. The requirement for a screen or monitor will soon be obsolete, as major video game developers will be able to incorporate augmented or virtual reality capabilities into the ordinary gamer’s gameplay experience. The income from the AR and VR industries is expected to exceed $20 billion by 2021.¬†

An Emerging Art Form 

Video games are growing increasingly popular while also evolving into a new sort of storytelling medium. Previously, television, print, and film media almost entirely occupied this duty. As a result of their broad appeal among a wider audience, video games have been raised to the status of a genuine form of art. As a result of this evolution, persons who create, develop, and design video games will be classified as artists. 

Fantasy Sports Leagues Are Getting More Popular 

There are numerous gameplay experiences to choose from. Although internet casinos have a big following, the number of people who participate in fantasy sports is rapidly growing. Cricket’s popularity is the driving force pushing this business in India. Because platforms like Dream11 are gaining traction, it won’t be long before more cricket platforms and platforms for a variety of other sports join the fray.¬†

The potential for creating new dimensions, gathering people, and delivering aesthetically appealing stories in video games are nearly limitless. They have the potential to change various industries by pushing the frontiers of what is imaginable and what can be. Everything in the world of gaming is up to interpretation as long as developers continue to push the boundaries of reality in their goal of creating new and unique experiences.